want my images to be representations of internal as well as

say, adapting Lacan, it's constructed as a visual language.)  I

evolving vision.  As a psychoanalyst, I'm of course interested in

to know 'the world', and everyone and everything in

As a young street photographer in the 70's I wanted

it.  Today, in a troubled world, I lean toward more

contemplative perspectives of middle age.  I see my




'the unconscious', which is both timeless and protean.  (I'd also

external reality; both "thing itself", and metaphor.  Through

naturalistic beauty, or 'ruin porn'--atmospheres that are

celebratory, pensive, or quietly elegiac--I'm in search of

something akin to oceanic feeling.

work as purely imagistic (vs. narrative or conceptual),

something durable to peer into, and welcoming of