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Lauri RobertsonA street photographer in the 1970's, Lauri Robertson has journeyed from black and white to color, darkroom to digital, and from people to landscape and still life; views from the more contemplative perspectives of middle age.
I try to capture both the order and chaos of the natural world. I want my photographs to be beautiful, without being sentimental or trite, and interesting or unusual, without being weird - who wouldn't? I want them to be real, yet somehow a bit haunting.” 
Photorealism in the simplest sense, Robertson's images become abstractions in the intimacy of their pattern, texture, and color; her subliminal subjects. "It's taken a while to realize my subjects are anything other than entirely ordinary. Standing in a meadow - I'm in love with meadows - I've been asked more than once by a bewildered passerby, 'What are you taking a picture of?'"

A psychoanalyst by profession, Robertson imagines "landscape" to signify interior as well as worldly place. Like a Rorschach, landscapes become interpreters of internal reality. And Robertson's photographs become the process of interpretation itself. "I want my images in some way to be 'experiential', to convey the experience of being in a place, as much as looking at it. Where Cartier-Bresson speaks of 'the decisive moment,' I'm thinking of an ecstatic, or oceanic one."
A longtime resident of New Haven, Connecticut, Robertson and her husband now live in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Gallery Representation ~ The Gallery, 35 Main & 4 India; Artists’ Association of Nantucket
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Natnucket, Massachusetts

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